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Cross-platform, hardware-independent, protocol- and cloud storage-agnostic

Incremental, remote, data replication

Build a Public or Private Cloud Backup / Sync System for your Business with GoodSync technology

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GoodSync Enterprise Family of Products

GoodSync Enterprise family of products includes:
  • GoodSync Workstation: For your Windows, Mac, and Linux clients
  • GoodSync Server: For all your server operating systems
  • GoodSync Management Console: For centralized administration

By using the combination of our offerings, we can tailor a custom backup and synchronization solution for your organization.
GoodSync Topology Console
GoodSync Topology Workstation
GoodSync Topology Server

GoodSync Enteprise Workstation, together with GoodSync Enteprise Server and administration provied by the GoodSync Enterprise Management Console provides the ultimate backup and syncronization solution for your enterprise.

GoodSync Enterprise Workstation license is the cornerstone of our GoodSync Family of Products, it can operate individually or as a part of a larger system illustrated above. GoodSync Enterprise Workstation license is required for GoodSync to operate on Windows/Mac desktops and laptops. GoodSync workstation can sync data via LAN / WAN, FTP/SFTP, WebDAV, or with a variety of cloud storages in scheduled, automated or real time mode.
One license per workstation.

GoodSync Enterprise Server allows you to preform unattended, incremental Backup or Synchronization of Physical / Virtual Server machines with any number of connections for data transfer. With GoodSync Enterprise Server you can configure backup and synchronization between your server and workstations, other servers, or could and network attached storage on your Local Area Network / Wide Area Network, or over FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and GoodSync Connect.
One license per server.

GoodSync Enterprise Management Console is a value add product that allows central management and reporting of file synchronization / backup / publishing activities of GoodSync Workstations and Servers through web interface. Distribute and run backups silently on User machines removing the need for User product training. Multiple authentication methods, including fully integration with Active Directory, to allow for a zero user interaction deployment.
Annual Renewal.

Compatible with: GoodSync for Windows GoodSync for Mac GoodSync for Linux

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