Synchronize & Backup all your Enterprise Files and Folders

  • Easy-to-use backup and sync utility
  • Incremental, remote, data replication
  • Build a Public or Private Cloud Backup & Synchronization System for your Business with GoodSync technology

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GoodSync Enterprise Workstation

GoodSync Enterprise Workstation

GoodSync Enterprise Server

GoodSync Enterprise Server

GoodSync Enterprise Management Console

GoodSync Enterprise Management Console

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GoodSync Enterprise Workstation is required for GoodSync to operate on Windows/Mac desktops and laptops. Workstations do not require a GoodSync Enterprise Server, but can sync data via LAN / WAN, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, WebDAV, or with an online file storage system. Can be set up via GUI, script, Active Directory (Windows) or Console (purchased separately). One license per workstation.

GoodSync Enterprise Server is a product that is required in two cases: 1. GoodSync client needs to run on a Windows or Mac server OS or 2. Workstations will be connecting to a GSTP (custom GoodSync file transfer protocol) server to enable block-level synchronization. Unlimited number of connections. One license per server.

GoodSync Enterprise Management Console is a product that allows central configuration, management and monitoring of file synchronization / backup / publishing activities of GoodSync Workstations and Servers through web interface. One license per console, includes 50 CALs, additional CALs are needed for more connections.

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